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The Age Of Clinton: America In The 1990s

The Age of Clinton Featured in Publishers Weekly:


"Presidential historian Gil Troy, author of 2005’s Morning in America: How Ronald Reagan Invented the 1980s (Princeton Univ.), turns his gaze on the following decade in The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s (St. Martin’s/Dunne, Oct.). Troy writes that his aim is to get readers to “move beyond the quick smirk, sneer, or cheer, and see both Clintons in all their dimensionality, in the complicating context of the 1990s." Read Full Review

‘Age of Clinton’ is a romp through the ‘90s | Review By Washington Times


"Remember the 1990s? Headlines and cultural touchstones ranged from the O.J. Simpson verdict and the Oklahoma City bombing to “Harry Potter,” the “Macarena,” Nirvana and “Titanic.” It was the dawn of the Internet age, the first time most Americans used email or ordered something from Amazon. It was also, as a new book by presidential historian Gil Troy proclaims in its title, “The Age of Clinton.” ill Clinton served two terms as president in the 1990s, a decade he described as a “bridge” to the 21st century. He was proud of his record in office: budget surpluses, a booming economy, falling crime. More people owned homes, fewer people were on welfare, diversity and tolerance were championed. The decade was defined by peace and prosperity, and to some extent, Americans took that for granted - though it now stands in sharp contrast to the first 15 years of the 21st century, defined as they were by 9/11, war and the Great Recession. Read Full Review

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Gil Troy on Cundill, the Clintons and an author’s existentialism | McGill


You will be moderating a discussion between this year’s Cundill Prize finalists on Oct. 31. As an author who has written many historical non-fiction books yourself, what are the biggest challenges involved?In my writing, which includes the kind of sweeping books that the Cundill Prize likes to praise, I find that one of the biggest challenges is cutting, cutting and cutting. It is so much easier in the modern world, when we are awash in data, to write long, very long, far too long. Read Full Review


Listen to the first radio interview on Age of Clinton -hometown interviewer, Brian Lehrer of NY public radio, WNYC

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THE PAGE 99 TEST | The Age Of Clinton


Troy applied the “Page 99 Test” to his latest book, The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s, and reported the following: If Abraham Lincoln was “the godfather of the Pacific railroad,” and Dwight Eisenhower the father of the Interstate Highway System, Bill Clinton is the stepfather of the Internet, with the boundless, wireless network fulfilling his mission to modernize America by uniting it virtually. Read Full Review

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John Hudak talk with Talk with Gil Troy about The 1990s, The Clinton Era, Clintons Presidency, The Culture of the 1990s and more  View it NOW!



Gil Troy talked about his book The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s, in which he looks at the impact of the Clinton Administration on international and American politics and culture. Was aired on TV and Was a LIVE event.
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